Plans and Prices - Plainsnet - High-Speed Broadband Internet for Hughes and Garvin Counties in Rural Oklahoma

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Whatever you want to do, Plainsnet will try to get you there.

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  • SPEED: Up to 600 kbps

  • PRICE: $29/mo

This is our budget package. It works surprisingly well for many usage scenarios. If you are not sure what you need, you may start with this and upgrade if you find you need more speed.


  • SPEED: Up to 1 Mbps

  • PRICE: $49/mo

The silver package is a great middle ground, and will likely meet almost everyone's needs (though perhaps not their wants).


  • SPEED: Up to 2 Mbps

  • PRICE: $79/mo

The Gold package should be able to take just about anything you throw at it, within the limits of our technology.


  • SPEED: Up to 5 Mbps

  • PRICE: $99/mo

The Platinum package is something special. "Open pipe" basically means "as fast as we can get you." Instead of placing an artificial speed barrier on you, we "put the pedal to the metal." Your speed will then be dictated by other factors, such as geography. In testing, our highest achieved speed was 4.9 Mbps, but this tested speed may not be available at every location. Contact us for more information.

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